Personal journal

I am pleased to launch my blog which will be in English

I am going to share with you my writings, my thoughts which might be interesting 

Writing is a fascinating experience
When you write you share part of your soul with a second party

 It is a huge responsibilty to carry. Words are powerful tools. They either inspire or destruct

I pray to God to write what is right and appropriate, make my words helpful and pleasing to those who read them

So enjoy the tour , feel free to read, and comment.  

Finally, I dedicate my work to my beloved parents,
      - may Allah rest their souls in heaven - for everything they did, I won't repay them their great favour.


The 1st dish she broke 

When Allah bless us with kids He make them fill our life with joyful moments and some sad ones too. We should appreciate those moments. Be thankful for the happy time and be patient when things go wrong. They will grow up and have their own life, the only thing left for us will be the memories of them. They have their own memories too, let them have sweet memories of us.   

This is something happened with my daughters in their early childhood. You might find it amuzing or strange, it is up to you to decide. 

The brave bird

If a bird or any other weak animal can stand for itself and defend its right, why some of us find themselves unable to do the same?
We can learn a lot from animals and birds. This is something I saw a few weeks ago.

An eggshell or a diamond, which one do you prefer?

We all like the diamond but go for the eggshell.

Read my point of view and see yourself

An inscription of iron dust

This is a true incident happened to me and would like to share it with you

Can you see the similarity between the Muslims circling around the Holy Kaba and the iron dust circling the magnet poles

The invisible world

Do you believe in ghosts?
do you believe in genie or jinn?
Do believe that demons or devils do exist?
do you believe that black magic can harm?
Read the following story and decide for yourself.

to be continued >>>>>>

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