Monday, August 15, 2011

Darkest Planet Found: Coal-Black, It Reflects Almost No Light

Darkest Planet Found: Coal-Black, It Reflects Almost No Light

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

قسيسة امريكية تدافع عن الاسلام -American pastor defends Islam

A good word worthes charity.

اعتنق الإسلام بسبب الرسوم المسيئة

This is the greatness of Islam, its enemies try to extinguish its light but it spreads more. May Allah bless you dear brother.

عالم أمريكي يتحول من المسيحية إلى الألحاد ثم إلى الأسلام

What makes some people find the way to Islam? Allah see our hearts and He give His Light to the pure deserved ones

مجرم عصابات يبكي عندما يسمع القرآن ويعتنق الإسلام

No matter who you are, if you deserve the Light of Allah, it will penetrate your closed heart, your whole body will recognize it and receive it with love. May Allah guide us all to His Light and protect us from Evil, God bless you dear brother.

صاحب قانون منع المآذن في سويسرا يشهر إسلامه

Thank toYou Allah Who turns the hearts of the Non-believers to become your faithful servants.

سويسري يرفع الاذان فوق كنائس اوروبا

May Allah bless you my dear brother whom I do not know.

سعودي يرفع الآذان داخل كنيسة

Muslims prayer call is heard in a church. It is the call that assures the Greatness of Allah, being the only God and the prophethood of Mohammed - peace and Blessings of Allah are upon him- it also invites Muslims to success through performing prayers.

Prophet Mohammad's in the Bible - محمد مذكور فى الكتاب المقدس [Must see]...

Salam and peace upon every pure and honest soul. May Allah accept your fasting; prayers and all sincere deeds. No matter what some people think of God and His Prophet Mohammed, the truth at the end will shine to dismiss the darkness of the hearts with Allah's Will and Power.