Monday, November 22, 2010

The Capital Punishment

I wonder how our Prophet Mohammed act if someone like the Pakistani woman insulted him?

     Our beloved Prophet Mohammed – peace and prayers of Allah are upon him - is Allah's mercy to His creatures. His great mercy was bestowed upon everyone and everything, even the mute animals, and the dumb palm tree trunk in his mosque. When he entered the Holy City of Makkah as a conqueror he did not inflict any kind of punishment on those who tried to kill him and smother the message of Allah. In fact, he told them to leave in peace for he had forgiven them.  
He lived in Madinah with Hypocrites and Jews who betrayed him and conspired to kill him with his followers.. He heard terrible lies about his dear wife – our mother – Aisha – mayAllah be pleased with her - though, he never killed a hypocrite or sentenced a capital punishment for such actions. He used to forgive and generously give.
 Death punishment is meant to be for certain crimes as murder. Even when the married adulteress came to him and admitted her crime of adultery he sent her away ignoring her request to cleanse her from her crime. Nobody violently captured her and drove her to her fatal destiny,  she came willingly because she wanted to be punished in this world instead of receiving a severe punishment in the Hereafter if Allah wished to punish her and He might not for He is the most Merciful. In spite of her crime, she was a true believer and a faithful repentant. I think Allah wants us to learn a lesson from this faithful Muslim woman, there are certain crimes that must be severely punished, so if we wish to spare ourselves such sentences, we should respect Allah’s law. The sinned Muslim lady told the Prophet that she was pregnant, he told her to come after delivery. Few months later, she came with a baby in her hands, she expected a sentence, but again the Prophet told her to breastfeed the baby till it become independent. Two years had passed then the Muslim lady came with a two year old boy holding a bread crumb, so he is now fully independent from his mother. Now what Prophet Mohammed? He told her to hand her son to one of his companions and ordered them to stone her for this is Allah’s law. She accepted her fate for she knew that she had made a mistake and deserved a severe punishment, but she was confident that she would become pure for Allah would not punish her twice.
What really amazes me about this story is that Prophet Mohammed did not imprison or confined her in her house after her confession. She was set free to live her life till the time of her sentence which was on spot and was not delayed, she insisted on it when the Prophet was delaying it.

The capital punishment

Some people are against the capital punishment, they describe it as inhuman, well, they are wrong. If we have mercy on cold-blood killers then we somehow have participated in the crime and give the green light to other psychos to commit such action. Then we will all be threatened by those devils like criminals. If some people think they are more merciful than our Lord, well, they are wrong again because there is no one more merciful than God. If a wild animal is threatening lives of innocent people what shall we do?
I think murderers are more dangerous than a crazy animal.

How would our Prophet Mohammed deal with such insult from an ignorant, poor woman who has children in need for her,  a woman who thinks that the prejudiced remark made by a co-worker is based on a belief taught by Prophet Mohammed?

When I first heard the news on TV I thought the woman deserved the capital punishment for she might be a witch or so, but when I read the details today and thought about it carefully, I really wished to know how Prophet Mohammed would act.  According to his great biography, he certainly would act graciously. I think he might tell Asia Bibi: You are wrong; worms do not feed on Prophets’ bodies. I forgive your slip of tongue because it was provoked by an ignorant Muslim, so go home to your children and try to control yourself for you might face angry people next time.

I wish we do not hasten our judgments on people and try to see ourselves in their shoes especially if they are weak and poor. Powerful people have all means to slip away from any crime or punishment, wherein, a poor might face a severe punishment for a sin.
I wish our verdicts are based on the severity of the crime not the status of the criminal.

I pray to Allah to make us say the truth and act according to His orders.

Written by: Nabiha H. Bukhari

Sunday, November 14, 2010

نشيد جبال مكة انجليزى بدون موسيقى Mountains of Mecca Zain

لا إله إلا الله مجمد رسول الله

There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is Allah's Messenger

نشيد لا تكلمنى عن محمد ص Don't talk to me about Muhammed pbh

Mohammed bin Abdullah peace and prayers of Allah are on him.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Places I had visited

What is good about taking shots with the camera

They freeze the moment and keep it vivid many years to come. As we tend to forget some details of our lives, pictures preserve the memory and we can recall it back by looking at our old photos. We can also share this memory with the others.. 

The Holliest palce in the world ( the Kaba ) in Makkah 

Istanbul, Turkey